Tanning Studio

The Perfect Addition to Your Fitness Program

The Ripped Club is more than just your go-to gym in Tillsonburg, ON. We also have a tanning salon at our location.


There are numerous reasons why exposure to UV light is desirable. The potential health benefits of UV exposure include increased production of Vitamin D, decreased risks of colon and breast cancer, and reduced risk of sunburn. Those who are exposed to longer hours of bright light also feel happier.

Currently, FDA regulations prevent the industry from making any medical claims related to indoor tanning exposure. However, people know that a great tan looks good, feels great, and increases self-confidence.


Experience the benefits of UV light at our tanning salon. You can have peace of mind when you turn to us because our staff is JCTA-trained, as well as certified by Smart Tan.

For your safety, we follow Health Canada’s recommendations for sun exposure. Our team also uses a safe number of tanning minutes to maximize your colour development without risking a burn.

Take note that members under 18 years old are not are allowed to have a UV tan at our studio. If you are interested in a sunless option, we offer spray tanning services.


Call us at 226-667-5566 for questions about our tanning.
If you want to become a member of our gym, go to our online registration page.